Black Rock City Animal Control
Safety and security from wild and rabid animal is our promise to you on Playa.
We make no other promises.

Your Pet License

Your pet is wearing the best protection from permanent loss EVER!!! Be sure to have your pet license tag on your pet at all times to ensure quick return should he or she be found while wearing this tag.

If you have moved or your pet has become lost, stolen, given away or is now drunk or altered chemically, please indicate so on the back of the renewal form and your license record will be updated when received.

A Black Rock City Pet License:
  • gives your pet a Free Ride Home should he or she be impounded. Although the standard redemption fees still apply, officers make every effort to return licensed animals to their owners while in the field. This prevents you and your pet from having to come to the animal shelter!!
  • allows you to notify Black Rock City Animal Control when you are out checking out art installations and someone else is caring for your pet. Simply call Black Rock City Pet Licensing at signal 1334 and let them know how long you will be gone and who to contact should your pet be found. Pet license staff will note this on your pet licensing record.
  • helps link up finders of lost animals with pet owners without your pet making a visit to the animal shelter.
  • helps residents contact pet owners should your pet become lost and be in need of life saving medical treatment.

Safety Tips For a Well-Dressed Pet

CATS: Use a "release" type collar. These are available at most pet stores. These collars allow your cat to free itself should the collar become attached to something. Adequate face paint is a must. All cats must have ears and a tail.

DOGS: Use a leather or nylon collar. Never put tags on a "choke chain" type collar. These collars should be used for training only and should never be left on a dog. They can strangle your pet. Dogs must have ears and an emergency liquor reservoir is recommended.

RABBITS/BUNNIES: No collar is necessary. Rabbits and bunnies must have a cotton tail and long ears. Face paint is recommended but not necessary.

BEARS: Again no collar is necessary. These wild creatures must be in full costume with usually only the face showing (for best effect). Must be carrying an alcohalic beverage of some type.

OTHERS: Paint and accessorize yourselves to fit in or it just isn't fun. If your just going to wear a mask or ears make sure it's the only thing your wearing!!

Pet Licenses

You can obtain your pet licenses by registering your animal at Black Rock City Animal Control's base camp. Find out the location by calling signal 1334 when you arrive at Burningman.

To qualify for the spay or neuter license, submit a copy of a veterinarian's spay or neuter certificate with your registration. Once the certificate is submitted, pet licensing does not require proof each time the license is renewed.

Microchipping: Microchipping is safe, permanent and takes only seconds to administer. The tiny injectable "chip" contains a one-of-a-kind identification number and is recognized worldwide. A special scanner is used to read the microchip and the animal feels nothing as the chip's number quickly appears in the scanner's viewing window. Veterinarians and animal shelters scan lost pets for microchip identification, which helps insure that lost pets will be recovered.

Replacement Tags: If your pet's tag becomes chewed, worn or lost, you can obtain a replacement tag by visiting the Black Rock City Animal Controls Base camp.