Black Rock City Animal Control
Safety and security from wild and rabid animal is our promise to you on Playa.
We make no other promises.

Welcome to Black Rock City Animal Control

Scheduled Animal Collection Runs and Adoptions
The response to our request to nab, net, and noozle all you poor stray animals has been overwhelming. Thanks for that! We have coordinated our collection runs and the details have been posted on the schedule page. Whether you're a love-lorn lemur or a weary alien in need of a pussy, we encourage you to find us and accidentally put your furry little butt in our path.

To keep updated on how you can help us enforce playa animal control ordinances; get a nuisance animal trapped, pet a bunny, and/or get trashed beyond any reasonable control visit us on playa!
Black Rock City Animal Control's (BRCAC) mission is:

"To provide a safe, healthy and caring environment where animals and people can co-exist."

To fulfill this mission, BRCAC's staff provides the following:
  1. enforces animal related ordinances fairly and equitably;
  2. identifies and licenses as many pets as possible through an aggressive pet licensing program;
  3. educates the public regarding responsible pet ownership;
  4. cares for the City's stray and unwanted animals;
  5. adopts as many animals as possible to suitable homes; and
  6. administers a low-cost spay and neuter program.
Black Rock City Animal Control was created in 2001. At that time, enforcement staff provided 24-hour coverage and consisted of approximately twenty (20) Animal Control Field Enforcement Officers utilizing one (1) truck. Currently, the Animal Control Enforcement Unit is comprised of thirty-five (65) Animal Control Field Enforcement Officers utilizing one (1) trucks and two (2) other vehicles. Two Enforcement Officers (14 hours/week) are assigned as radio dispatchers with one person dispatching full-time and rotating the remaining dispatching duties among the other Animal Control Field Enforcement Officers to assure this vital communication link is staffed 7 days a week.

The Enforcement Unit operates approx 8 hours a day, between 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. seven days per week. During non-business hours, citizens are directed to call out to report life-threatening situations involving humans or animals. Duties of an Animal Control Field Enforcement Officer include:
  • enforcing animal control ordinances (leash law, cruelty violations, scoop laws, animal noise, vicious animals);
  • picking up stray, sick and injured animals;
  • trapping nuisance animals;
  • educating the public regarding responsible pet ownership;
  • enforcing pet licensing laws and selling pet licenses;
  • investigating animal bites and placing bite animals under quarantine;
  • getting trashed beyond any reasonable control.
Duties also include enforcement of that portion of the Black Rock City Municipal Code governing animal nuisances around art installations such as the leash law and scoop law.

Animal Control Field Enforcement Officers respond to approximately 5,000 complaints or requests for service annually. Over the course of the last seven years, Animal Control Officers have taken on the added responsibility of picking up injured and assisting with nuisance wildlife and responding to calls for assistance with sick, injured, or drunk bears because Federal and/or State agencies either no longer provide these services or could not meet the citizen's demand for service in a timely manner.